dp 4.1 AU compatability list

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With the help of the good folks at Unicornation and some other sources, I'm compiling a list of AU plugs that DO or DON'T work with dp 4.1 - If you find a plug in the Don't list that you have working, send me an email (maylok@aol.com) and I'll update the list. This is not meant to be the final word on working/non-working plugs - Just a reference for now.

Plugs that don't work...

Emagic - EVP73, EXSP24, ET1

NI - Absynth 2.X (using VST -> AU Adaptor)

Crazy Diamonds (using VST -> AU Adaptor)

AirySynth, Airy Vowler (using VST -> AU Adaptor)

Expert Sleepers - Ping Pong Delay

Bias - SoundSoap (using VST -> AU Adaptor)

Novation - V-Station

Plugs that do work...

Spectrasonics - Stylus, Atmosphere, Trilogy

DigitalFishPhones - Fish FIllets Bundle

SFX Machine RT (AU Version 1.0.2)

Arturia - Moog Modular V v.1.1

Greenoak - Crystal

u-he - Zoyd

Manyetas - Ritmo

Waves - Waves 4.0

TC Works - Native AU

Bitshift - pHATmatik PRO 1.1 AU

Ohmforce - OhmBoyz

Alphakanal - BuzZer

Nomad Factory - Blue Tubes Bundle (using VST -> AU Adaptor)

NI B4 1.1.3 AU

FM 7 1.1.2 AU

I'll add plugs as I come across the info!!!